Luscious Szechuan Wontons by Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong Zing Grand Mellennium KL

Szechuan style hot and sour wanton Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong
Szechuan Style Hot and Sour Wontons

A MASTERCLASS ! At The Epicure Malaysia recently Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong of Zing located at Grand Mellennium Kuala Lumpur demostrates how to make the classic Chinese Dim Sum – Szechuan style hot and sour wontons. The room was 3/4 full, participants were very focus while waiting patiently for the wontons making. I loved wanton, it was eaten even when I was a little boy. It was the ladies favourite dish making in the kitchen. It always come with the egg noodles “wontons noodle” soup and served warm.

Chef Thye Yoon Kong specialising in Dim Sum, introduced larger size of wontons during the class. It was like dumplings. Every wanton skin is filled with 30gm of solid seasoned minced chicken, chuncks of shrimps and chopped mushroom. What make this wontons so delightful? it was the special made sauce recipe created by chef himself, the Szechuan hot and sour sauce. It was very flavourful and tasty. One was truly not enough, maybe a few, it was that good.

Szechuan style hot and sour wanton Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong 2


200gm Wpntons Skin
600gm Minced Chicken
250gm Shrimp (deshelled)
50gm Chopped Mushroom
1 tsp Oyster Sauce
5gm Pepper
35gm Sugar
8gm Salt
5gm Sesame Oil
40gm Oil
20gm Cornstarch.

1. Put the minced chicken into a mixing bowl, lightly mix the chicken for 10 minutes.
2. Add salt, cornstarch, some water and shrimp into the minced chicken and combine well.
3. After mixing for 10 minutes, add in sugar and mix it for another 10 minutes before adding in the sesame oil, pepper and oil.
4. To wrap the wonton, take a piece of wonton skin, scoop 30gm of wanton paste and fold it into a wonton shape.
5. Prepare boiling water and blanch wanton for about 3 to 5 minutes.
6. Remove wanton from the hot water once cooked and put on a plate, top up the wonton witn Szechuan hot & sour sauce.

Szechuan style hot and sour wanton Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong 1

The Sauce

80gm Chopped Onion
80gm Chopped Garlic
300gm Hoisin Sauce
300gm bean Paste
30gm Lee Kum Kee Guilin Chilli Sauce
120gm Chilli Oil
20gm Salt
200gm Sugar
200gm White Vinegar

1. Heat up oil in a pan, add in onion, followed by garlic, fry till soft.
2. Next add in hoisin sauce, bean sauce, Guilin chilli sauce, salt and sugar and bring it to simmer.
3. Lastly add in chilli oil and vinegar and stir well.

Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong, Zing, Grand Mellennium KL
Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong of Zing, Grand Mellennium Kuala Lumpur

It was truly an excellent cooking class. This is a dish that will defintely chram your guets at home, simple and gorgeous. Definitely a jewel . . . . . . . . . . I had eaten nearly a dozen of chef’s wontons during the class, believe it or it was me! 😉


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    They look gorgeous! What a great filling. That is something I adore.



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    wah, Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong of Zing must be really good as you purposely blog a post on him alone.

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    How fun to serve the won ton in individual soup spoons like that. So glam!
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    Oh these are gorgeous! I would love to have a load of these right now! :)

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    God damn it! I miss so much Asian food here in Poland, you made me hungry :)
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    Looks so savory… yummy :)
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  • Silviu
    September 28, 2010 - 1:19 am | Permalink

    They’re called WONTONS. The only time they’re called wantons if when they’re printed on a menu by people who don’t know proper translations. Wanton is an adjective with many unpleasant meanings.

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    What beautiful presentation. It certainly makes them look delicious.
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