Tien Kee Soup & Porridge Subang Jaya SS14

Braised Pork with Black Fungus as done to perfection due to hours of slow brasing and with the crunch texture of the black fungus, the whole dish tasted classicly, at the moment It made me craving for home cooked food. I just like this dish as not too many fats being used.

Braised Duck Meat was tender defintely was put to long hour of braising. This is so aunthenic and yet so homey. This is definitely the dish that you can expected cooked for feasting during Chinese celebration and yet you can have it here at anytime, truly good.

Braised Duck Porridge is good too, having the braised duck meat on top of a Teo Chew porridge can be very extravagant and yet so affordable . . . .excited!

Pomfret Porridge is yet another way of brewing a delicous Teo Chew porridge. Cleverly crafting with the pomfret, the sweetness of the taste of the sea was transform into this porridge . . . . lovely!

Pomfret & Bittergourd Soup, truly I did not realised how awsome can bittergourd play in a important role of a soup when I always had them hidden and even shy from them due to the bitterness taste transpired from the fruit itself. I was so wrong, the soup was delicious and the carefully sliced bittergourd was crunch and there was not a trace of bitterness . . . . . . refreshing!

Pomfret Fish Mee Suah too was well prepared, having such a pairing between pomfret and mee suah noodle truly a blessing . . . . . . . new!

Sze Chuan Noodles was not too bad, yet it showed the creativeness of the cook, it was tasty but was not too fury to confront with . . . . explorable!

It was truly a great place to hang out for a nice home feeling spread of cuisine, a very typical authenic Chinese cooking definitely you will be excpecting of my return for yet another fulfilling dinner . . . . . . . . . in love Teo Chew dishes, Sidney Kan!


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    Nice dishes, yummy!



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    The Button-shaped Yam Balls and the Braised Pork with Black Fungus…indeed a delight :)
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    I’m missing the porridge!
    .-= iamthewitch´s last blog ..Restaurant Tien Kee Soup & Porridge – A Teochew and Hakka Heritage =-.

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    Not many places have the abacus seeds, I love them!
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    hungry edy.. time for lunch! =D
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