Tien Kee Soup & Porridge Subang Jaya SS14

Lucurious Black Vinegered Trotter

This post really go Green and sounds like we had not got enough of St Patrick’s Day! Yeah I had countless pints of Guinness and a great outing time with my makan mates. Truly we had been busy and yet really we do not know how to split ourselves when comes to work! :) Got to say it still one of those exciting challenges that keep us, the boys awake and going. It had been awesome when I took the offer to contribute some of my food excusion experiences to one of our major newspaper, New Straits Times and we got to meet so many interesting people and yet loads of delicious food, also not forgetting as it goes we learned many new things and important tips too.

In April we will be gearing up with loads of recipes to be prepared for our up coming cooking and baking classes (a working partnership with Samsung) and it is definitely going to be exciting and do come, have fun together with us in the kitchen this coming due date (This May I was told)!

Tien Kee Soup and Porridge located at Subang Jaya SS14 famous for the traditional and authentic Teow Chew and Hakka dish was our next stop and I realised it was well hidden jewel within the surburian of Subag Jaya. When all of us got seted, the first dish placed on the table that greeted us was the sensational Black Sweet Vinegered Pork Trotter. I got to confessed here first, I love Vinegered Pork Trotter even when I was at young and I truly enjoyed my mum’s Vingered Pork Trotter and at Tien Kee, it was truly good too as I believed it was the sweet black vineger imported from China was put to use, a good selection cut of half fat and half meaty pork and definitely hours of braising was put in. The verdict, it was at the right balance of flavour, sweetness and taste . . . . . enjoyed!

Abacus, little shaped yam dough cooked over hot water was served to us with topping of layers flavours to enhance the dish. It was truly exciting biting into every single of the button yam.

Steamed Thick Sliced Pork with Yam is my favourit dish since my childhood, here is was done to a great expectation and the yam used was very flavorful and infused well with the thick sliced pork laced with five spices powder. Perfection of the steaming had the yam spot on, soft and tender, yet the aroma created by the fve spice powder.

Soon Kueh shaped like a curry puff filled with dried shrimps, bamboo shoots, fungus, and minced meat was delicious too I laced it with garlic chilly sauce to enhance the taste and aroma . . . . nice!


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    Nice dishes, yummy!



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    .-= uLi´s last blog ..My New Garmin nüvi 255W =-.

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    The Button-shaped Yam Balls and the Braised Pork with Black Fungus…indeed a delight :)
    .-= ck lam´s last blog ..Gem Restaurant, House of Fine Indian Cuisine =-.

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    I’m missing the porridge!
    .-= iamthewitch´s last blog ..Restaurant Tien Kee Soup & Porridge – A Teochew and Hakka Heritage =-.

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    Not many places have the abacus seeds, I love them!
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    hungry edy.. time for lunch! =D
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