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Sin Chew Big Boys Oven

Last Sunday, The Sin Chew Daily’s supplementary newspaper Happy had main featured local well known food bloggers and Big Boys Oven was not left out, we were featured to along VKeong, CK Lam and Ken Chan and some Chinese written food blog too were not spared such as Hong Kitchen, Food Inspiration, Rachel Hei, NCrazy Kitchen and Watashi-Sim.

This was truly awesome, we were really caught by surprise upon knowning we were interviewed and foodies gonna be featured on newspaper. During my interview, I spoken about why we blog about food.


“It’s simple, if the food is good, we would post them on our blog, if the food is not great, we don’t post it up”

Sin Chew Big Boys Oven 1

“Upon known the cost invovled in setting up an eatery, we usually do not want to criticize the food if it is not tasty, we just just don’t write about it and if it permits we will let the proprietor know indirectly”

“We blog because we want to introduce the goodness of the food availablity our readers and also indirectly will help the eatery, as most can’t really afford to advertise and we never ever get paid to write”

It is marvellous to be known and to be picked up by the main media, I hope with others foodies we may publish a foodie guide book, “Where to Eat”.

This is awesome . . . . Nice! Sidney


  • January 21, 2010 - 12:02 pm | Permalink

    Congratulations to BBO and everyone that is listed in that article. A truly great start for the year.


  • January 21, 2010 - 2:03 pm | Permalink

    Congratz to all of us who got featured. What a great news to start our new 2010


  • January 21, 2010 - 2:19 pm | Permalink

    Well done! =D


  • January 21, 2010 - 3:08 pm | Permalink

    I read that too, congrats!! Don’t know when is my turn ler… hehe ;P


  • January 21, 2010 - 3:12 pm | Permalink

    kau lat..cover so many pages like beng seng loh~:p


  • January 21, 2010 - 4:51 pm | Permalink



  • January 21, 2010 - 4:56 pm | Permalink

    I saw this !! Congratulations!


  • January 21, 2010 - 7:29 pm | Permalink

    congratulations guys! :)


  • January 21, 2010 - 10:38 pm | Permalink

    Congrats! =)
    .-= uLi´s last blog ..Dim Sum Dining @Cheers Palace =-.


  • January 21, 2010 - 11:57 pm | Permalink

    .-= coco´s last blog ..Impacts~* =-.


  • January 22, 2010 - 9:27 am | Permalink

    Congratulations! Gonna bake a cake to celebrate? hehe
    .-= allie´s last blog ..Raja Uda Famous Curry Mee =-.


  • January 22, 2010 - 10:20 am | Permalink

    Congratulations, you are famous! =D
    .-= noobcook´s last blog ..Chocolate Lava Cake =-.


  • January 22, 2010 - 12:39 pm | Permalink

    You’ve done it again!
    .-= foodntravella´s last blog ..CHINESE NEW YEAR – PINEAPPLE TARTS =-.


  • January 22, 2010 - 6:34 pm | Permalink

    you are my man!
    .-= purpleserenity´s last blog ..Teppanyaki @ 1 Utama !! =-.


  • January 24, 2010 - 11:18 pm | Permalink

    wah fehmesss <3
    .-= christock´s last blog ..#yorais – A Malaysian-made Twitter Trending Topic Story =-.


  • March 3, 2010 - 2:58 pm | Permalink

    Oh my, you guys are everywhere ;p
    .-= Vi´s last blog ..Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ~ ???????? =-.


  • March 13, 2010 - 3:59 pm | Permalink

    Yes,”…you are not paid to write”. I like this. We then know that what you write is from the ‘stomach’…(heart..I mean!!!)You are being fair and objective. Keep it up. I like your reviews.
    .-= cathy´s last blog ..Simple truth =-.


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