Dough Boy Landed At Big Boys Oven

A week ago, this little cutie dough boy from Pillsbury had landed at our studio and keep requesting us to try what he had. Wow! For this first visit dough boy brought a few boxes of Pillsbury’s moist supreme cake mix, Devil’s Food. Dough Boy showed us on how easy to bake this Devil’s Food cake mix, just need water, oil and eggs . . . . . sounds very simple indeed. Dough Boy asked me to grease the pan that I want to use and set aside. The mix the cake mix with water, oil and eggs. Whisk them at low speed and then at high speed. I used three Bundt pans and baked it for about 40 minutes and cool in pan on the cooling rack for 15 minutes. This is what I baked!


A very soft and light chocolate cake. The texture is good too, fine and not heavy. Tasted really good and I liked it.


I went on to decorate this cake with chocolate ganache and top with nuts. That night I had an invited dinner and brought one of this cake as a dessert over some ice cream. It was gorgeous. I also gave my students at my last macaron class a box each for them to try out at home. Now I can’t wait for Dough Boy to come over with more of these delicious mixs!


It was a great new experience for me as this is my first time doing such a food review and I am looking forward to more in near future. As for this Pillsbury Devil’s Food moist supreme cake mix, I would highly recommend especially if you need something fast, tested and delicious. I will defintely keep a box in my kitchen cabinet so must you! Thank you Dough Boy, hope to see you again soon . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw


  • lingzie
    June 2, 2008 - 1:15 am | Permalink

    i’ve seen this premix in the supermarket but never thought of trying them cos scared not nice… but now..if pressed for time, can try d! :)

  • Dee
    June 2, 2008 - 3:32 am | Permalink

    Even boxed cake becomes culinary art in your hands :)

  • breadpitt
    June 2, 2008 - 9:06 am | Permalink

    oh boy , dough boy presented by big boy , then the cake become handsome boy……….

  • glamah16
    June 2, 2008 - 11:14 am | Permalink

    You know I cheat if Ihave a big cake project and use a box mix that I doctor up with more eggs, milk, etc. They are all right in pinch.

  • Beachlover
    June 2, 2008 - 11:25 am | Permalink

    Yes,this brand is good especially for ppls who have no idea how to bake,beginner baker or like you said,fast and easy,save time to measure this and that flour.All you have to do is just follow instruction on the box.The down size it’s too sweet,but hubby love it.It’s the alter the sweetness for Asian market?.

  • diva
    June 2, 2008 - 2:23 pm | Permalink

    and that came out of a cakemix? awesome.
    i suppose the pillsbury dough boy never fails.

    i think you can get frozen cookie dough in tubes from pillsbury too. great for quick fix cookies on a hangover day or quick mix into ice cream for the all american cookie dough 😉 haha.

  • Nic (KHKL)
    June 2, 2008 - 5:51 pm | Permalink

    was tempted to get one of those when i was shopping for baking flour…attractive box..

    did the dough boy come in his full costume? must be fun! hehehe…

  • Precious Pea
    June 2, 2008 - 6:07 pm | Permalink

    I have always thought of buying the premix from supermarket as I always ended with failure following recipebooks. But these mix also not cheap huh? But it looks really good!

  • Lee Ping (MrsHBT)
    June 2, 2008 - 6:43 pm | Permalink

    Doughboy (Pillsbury) should pay you for doing advertising their product. I like the touch of chocolate and nut as garnish.

  • Jennifer
    June 2, 2008 - 8:09 pm | Permalink

    These are awesome..they do not even taste like a box premix! Gosh, if you want shortcut, this brand is the way to go…Credit to the Big Boys for their simple and elegant deco.

    June 3, 2008 - 12:53 am | Permalink

    aiyya.. u could make anything taste good.. if i bake it, it’ll probably taste lk s***. lol.. pardon my french !

  • Dhanggit
    June 3, 2008 - 2:33 am | Permalink

    oh my goodness my hands want to reach out onn this choco cake!! love love the way you presented it, oozing with choco sauce!

  • NekoHime
    June 3, 2008 - 7:23 am | Permalink

    damn it, even cake mix looks good from u all. *sticks tongue out*

  • Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners
    June 3, 2008 - 5:20 pm | Permalink

    Hehe, the Devil’s Mix? Very the suitable for my Devil Wears Prada leh… 😉

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