It had been some time now that I had been toying with the idea of using black sesame as the major ingredient in my macaron making. I had read a few bakers exploring using black sesame in their macaron but Kuala Lumpur you can find black sesame used in the chinese dessert and also fusion cakes such as black sesame icecream and black sesame moussecake. Thefore I took an exciting step and ventured into using black sesame seeds and powdered type in my macarons.


This is a powdered black sesame macarons with peanut butter cream filling.


This is a black sesame macarons with chocolat ganache filling.



I caught them stacking on each other, ain’t they look pretty. Macarons are crunchy on the outside, soft and moist inside. Biting into them is just like having a dessert in heaven. Having them along with warm coffee is unspeakable.

I will be having a macaron class on this 19th April only to limited students as I always kept my class small and interesting. Do register now to avoid any disappointment.

Maracon Class

Date: 19th April 2008
Time: 2.00pm-6.00pm (with an interval)
Venue: Opal Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Price: RM220 (Prepayment Required)
Limited to only 6 person (only 2 more place left!)
(Demo + Recipe Pack + Coffee Break + Food Tasting + A Box of Freshly Baked to Take Home)

1. Basic Almond Macaron with Cream
2. Hazelnut Macaron with Chocolat Ganache
3. Illy Coffee Macaron with Blood Orange Cream
4. Coconut Macaron with Gula Melaka Cream
5. White Sesame Macaron with Peanut Butter Cream

I am also running cake class, for more detail visit bbobakingclass!

. . . . see u, Sunny Yaw


  • tigerfish
    April 9, 2008 - 2:43 am | Permalink

    I like black sesame ice-cream and soup (zhi ma hu) so I will surely like this :)

  • Dhanggit
    April 9, 2008 - 4:33 am | Permalink

    when your spirits are down you need a big dose of this black sesame macarons to lift them up!! such a lovely invention as always

  • Dhanggit
    April 9, 2008 - 4:35 am | Permalink

    when your spirits are down you need a big dose of this black sesame macarons to lift them up!! such a lovely invention as always :-)

  • kennymah
    April 9, 2008 - 4:38 am | Permalink

    Wowzers! I’m beginning to believe that you will never run out of ideas for macarons… You should design an encyclopedia of macarons one day! 😀

  • Veron
    April 9, 2008 - 5:07 am | Permalink

    I’ve been wanting to try black sesame in my macarons. Can’t wait! These look wonderful!

  • squall
    April 9, 2008 - 8:02 am | Permalink

    i love blsck sesame macarons…

  • Big Boys Oven
    April 9, 2008 - 8:06 am | Permalink

    Defintely you will you these macarons, there are two type of balcak sesame and both taste great!

    hahahha, you know how to put a smile on us!

    an encyclopedia, wow that is a lot!

    I am sure it will be not difficult. Try them you will like it!

  • breadpitt
    April 9, 2008 - 10:07 am | Permalink

    hmm, sounds interesting, may visit your place when im free.all the best to ur class

  • Deborah
    April 9, 2008 - 1:43 pm | Permalink

    They sound so wonderful! Now I wish I lived close so I could attend your class!

    April 9, 2008 - 4:40 pm | Permalink

    tiny lil flyin saucers of delight;P

  • Jackson
    April 9, 2008 - 6:00 pm | Permalink

    all the best to yr class ya

  • Nic (KHKL)
    April 9, 2008 - 6:01 pm | Permalink

    nice pics! and i’m sure it tastes wonderful. i thought of a name for your macaroon: Goma Maca…nice, eh?? hehe…

  • JOjo
    April 9, 2008 - 6:18 pm | Permalink

    I did see black sesame flavour macaron in Sg but never got a chance to try. (I haven’t got to try macaron in my life,yet!)

    But nice creation, lovely pics!Esp the last pic when they stack on top of each other. Resemble the reflection =)

  • daphne
    April 9, 2008 - 6:58 pm | Permalink

    that sounds like a lovely combination. Black sesame r my fav too!

  • dee
    April 9, 2008 - 7:51 pm | Permalink

    Hi there, I’m dee from choosand chews.
    carol from ohfortheloveoffood stopped by and mentioned that there was blogger meet at 1U, and suggested I check it out at your site.
    thing is, i can’t seem to find it here – of course, i may have been distracted by your AMAZING pictures.
    How can I find out more?

  • Little Corner of Mine
    April 9, 2008 - 9:39 pm | Permalink

    Yum! Love the contrast in colors!

  • ai wei
    April 9, 2008 - 10:16 pm | Permalink

    use black sesame for macaroons. must be very aromatic with sesame. are they very sweet?!

  • Sugar Bean
    April 10, 2008 - 5:33 am | Permalink

    Wow, black sesame with macarons would be tasty. We still haven’t try your macarons yet! :)

  • PheMom
    April 10, 2008 - 12:45 pm | Permalink

    Very cool. I wish I could come to one of your classes.

  • Jennifer
    April 10, 2008 - 6:56 pm | Permalink

    Gosh.. always creative as usual..u guys never fail to amaze me!

  • Zen Chef
    April 10, 2008 - 8:58 pm | Permalink

    I love anything black sesame so i’m sure i would love these! How do you call those little dumplings with a sesame filling too..yumm!! That’s what they should be called..yum!! hehe

  • durianberry
    April 11, 2008 - 2:13 pm | Permalink

    OMG! They look and sound heavenly! Especially when you mention ‘black sesame’ and ‘peanut butter cream’ ^.^ Do you have to buy black sesame in powdered form or can just blitz the sesame in blender?

  • christine
    April 11, 2008 - 6:09 pm | Permalink

    oh my gosh..the macorons look so tempting..especially the black sesame..u made me craving for it..haha

  • Jun
    April 12, 2008 - 3:18 am | Permalink

    omg!! macaroons in black sesame!! i super love black sesame ok!! 😀 i think the one w peanut will taste nicer, judging fr the looks and the combo. i mean, black sesame with chocolate??? nah.

  • Stella (Sweet Temptations)
    April 14, 2008 - 11:41 am | Permalink

    Big Boys, these macarons are sublime! I miss those!

  • Cookie baker Lynn
    April 17, 2008 - 1:29 pm | Permalink

    Gorgeous macarons! The black sesame makes them look very different.

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