Popiah, Canning Garden, Ipoh

This is something that I would die for when I am in Ipoh, Ipoh most delicious popiah. Just look at the crowd waiting for the popiahs. They do not come and just to buy one but plenty…. can I have 4 pieces, 8…..10 pieces. Therefore sometimes the que can be long but it is worth to wait for. This mobile popiah stoe can be found at Canning Garden, Ipoh.

The popiah is run by an elder but strong man in his 60’s. His popiah consist of fantastic filling that most other popiah stall don’t have such as crispy fried prawns and crab meat. Other fillings are cooked sweet turnip, cucumber sticks, hard beancurd, fried eggs and a dash of deep fried onion and garlic.

Popiah skins are placed on the wooden table, firstly he spread the hoi sin sauce and chilli sauce on the the popiah skin and a pieces of green leaf. Then he will place the fillings. One the fillings are done, he will start the wrapping process.

I would recommend everyone this popiah as this is the best popiah that I ever tasted and yet to find anyone one as delicious as this one.

Regards, Sidney


  • wenching & esiong
    September 27, 2007 - 4:11 am | Permalink

    Looking at this during the midnight seriously makes me starve. It looks delicious, have to admit that Ipoh food is good!

  • New Kid on the Blog
    October 2, 2007 - 11:24 am | Permalink

    yes yes yes… this is one of the famous popiah in ipoh… there’s another one in ipoh down town, also equally good!!!

  • Jason
    October 4, 2007 - 12:52 pm | Permalink

    I haven’t try this yet although I just stay nearby! Kinda difficult to catch the uncle as I don’t know his business hours but yes, always long long queue!

  • Borg
    October 22, 2007 - 8:58 am | Permalink

    …eat there quick….he does not have an apprentice….I have traveled to almost every sq. mile of Malaysia (East included not including a lot of jungles)…. he is one of the best if not the best even comparing to home cooked.

  • steven
    September 24, 2008 - 12:01 pm | Permalink

    i think the son runs the one downtown if its located in a coffeeshop…

    i have been eating from this old man since i was 7 years old…more than 30 years ago :)…

    in april 2008, he did mention that he is considering retirement due to weakening legs as he has to stand for up to 5 hours daily…

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